How To Generate Quality Traffic For Your Website – Filter Out Junk Traffic

There are so many successful ways to become a successful online marketer but it all comes down to you seeing to it that you win at all cost whether it’s by purchasing extra online supportive tools in other to help you additionally when it comes to monitoring of your website. Right now here what we want to help you with is how to generate quality traffic for your website thus eliminating all other junk/spammy web traffic when you’re setting your campaigns for your website/online store. It can be very hard when you invest so much time and money into your online business and still fail simply because you didn’t monitor the traffic you were receiving.

As we all know as online marketers every time wasted is money lost and we don’t want to lose so much of that all because we couldn’t invest a little more to track all of our web campaigns and ensuring where all of our traffic are coming from. By so doing with the best online monitoring tool called the ClickMagick tool, we can pass all of our web campaigns/promotions through a secured funnel and thus filtering out any bot/junk traffic that may have messed up with our conversion rate. From today onwards all that ends with this one magical tool which has and it’s helping millions of online marketers to become successful with their web promotions/campaigns.


The Perfect Tool To Succeed In Any Web Promotions You Set Up

On an average about 52% of web traffic we may have thought it’s SEO traffic comes from bots altering our traffic in which most of the time we count as part of our organic traffic. The ClickMagick tool is a perfect tool built for entrepreneurs, info marketers, affiliates, consultants, e-com stores, or any small business advertising online mainly when it comes to setting up campaigns on platforms including Google, Facebook, Bing, Youtube, Instagram and linkedin. The key to every successful online marketer/entrepreneur is that you can’t just go blank and trust the above mentioned platforms with your hard-earned money when setting up a web campaign.

This is because it’s not all original when it comes to the number of visitors, clicks you receive to a specific web page or online store. Most of them are bot traffic coming in to your ongoing campaigns/promotions and what the ClickMagick tool does is that it stands on the front face of your website/online store to funnel all the traffic you receive as secured/quality ones only. This helps to block away any traffic that is classified as spammy or bot traffic and it helps so much for you to have a clear insight of what your ROI and conversion rates are in real time and learning how to generate quality traffic for your website or sales funnel, which is an essential part when growing your online business.

Testing Your Pages For A More Relevant Statistics On Performance

There are so many features that comes with the ClickMagick tool and one of the most talked about is it’s split testing tool which will be available to you for free after signing up to the 14 days free trial. Split testing your campaigns or promotions is very important and if you know nothing about split testing you have to immediately start implementing it in your online business ASAP. What it does is that it helps you to split your sales funnels or landing pages which helps you to know exactly the structure of sales funnel/landing page that works perfectly for your promotions/campaigns in other to spend wisely on ads directed towards a sales funnel next time you’re promoting it.

This shows you with a clear stats with the winning campaign and with a valid backing statistics you can start to redirect all of your traffic to the winning sales funnel or landing page in other to get a good return on your investment. This is highly recommended to anyone to use but most in particularly those who uses only a landing page to promote their online business whether it’s an affiliate offer or an e-commerce store website. Why it’s important to start split testing with the ClickMagick tool is that it wave off the thinkings that comes in anytime your creating a landing page or sales funnel.

This gives you the possibility to create and test multiple pages or funnels using the amazing ClickMagick tool which tells you which one works best in terms of sales and engagements your winning page receives. In the end you can see the best performing page with the statistics you’ll be provided over a 100% score.

Getting Visitors Attention Even When They Leave Your Page or Sales Funnel

In online marketing everything is strategically done and that also involves getting more sales to your pages which is also strategically done by plugging in or implementing in the Retargeting tool available in the ClickMagick tool. This is because almost 90% of web visitors don’t make their first purchase for any product online at their first sight or view of the product. It takes a little while for them to analyze the product by viewing it on multiple occasions on their web browser before making the decision to purchase or buy into what you’re promoting to them. Which is why it’s very important to have a monitoring tool with all these features to bring you a massive successful in your online business.

And it’s all done by adding a retargeting pixel to any of your tracking links(from any of your preferred retargeting network) and thereby following all of your visitors all over the internet which will eventually end up in bringing you more sales and conversions than you use to be getting. The good part is that you don’t have to own the link(page) you’re tracking, you can retarget anyway whether you own the page or not. And with this tool you can start to become very competitive when it comes to getting a high ROI and conversion rate.

Other Features That’s Included In The World’s Smartest Monitoring Tool

There are a lot of tools that comes with the ClickMagick tool all to give you the flexibility you’ll need in the monitoring of your pages or sales funnel and through that helps you on how to generate quality traffic for your website or funnels like you’ve always wanted. There are more features to discover and play around and below here are a few of them;

  1. Cross-Device Tracking – this feature ensures that you track all the activities of your visitors depending on their movement of devices they’re running on which can be that a user visited your page through phone but later swiped and watched a video on your page with a tablet and finally bought something on a desktop. All this info is tracked and presented to you to become aware of how every device is performing for you.
  2. Click Rotators – which divide or spread your traffic for multiple pages or sales funnels and it gives you the ability to deliver traffic based on time, location, device type, and lots more.
  3. Auto “Bot” Filtering – this feature makes sure that it blocks any bot clicks from your online promotions and ensure that you receive the traffic that you paid for and thus clean quality clicks only.
  4. Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis – this feature is very important mostly when you’re buying traffic to your offers or sales page. There are two types of traffic available online thus high quality traffic and low quality traffic and obviously no one would want to pay more for ads and receives a low quality traffic. This applies to when you’re dealing with solo ad vendors mostly the new traffic vendors because from now you can traffic and see the type of traffic a vendor sends to your offers or funnels whether it’s a good or bad one.
  5. Knowledge Base with Video Tutorials – contains 400 articles and tutorial, most with screenshots and videos covering everything you could ever possibly want to know about tracking, testing and optimizing your advertising with ClickMagick.
  6. A 24/7 support and among other benefits or features that you’re soon discover after signing up for the free 14 days trial.



Taking Your Online Marketing Game To The Next Level ASAP

Now that you’ve got the full glimpse of what the ClickMagick monitoring tool is and the advantages that it brings you and your online business entirely we know you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the features we’ve listed above. So as we’ve all already made it known to you, you can start testing this tool for free for the next two(2) weeks and you can choose to cancel your subscription anytime you want. There’s nothing to lose here because from now onwards you have the best monitoring tool in your hands to experiment freely before you upgrade into a paid member and without wasting much time around you can click on any link or image on this page to get started now !

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