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Name: Power Leads System

Price: $7 (Upgraded to Gold for more featues)

Personal Coaching: YES (via Private Facebook Group)

Community: 150,000+ entrepreneurs



Are you always wondering on how to earn an extra income with internet without having to go through all of those scammy online trainings that leads to nothing but failure? Well with this very powerful system we’re about to reveal to you now can to be very helpful to pave your way through the online business and the making money niche easily even when you have only a little knowledge about the internet. This is a very great opportunity and we’ll like to let you know that with every dollar(money) you invest into yourself and your business(the system) can became the life changing opportunity for yourself and even generations to come.

This is what we’ll like to call passive income and thus letting your money work for you in a beneficial way that will bring to you tens and thousands of the amount you’ve invested for years and decades to come. This is how you can earn freedom completely without been over reliant on your day job for survival, talking about sleeping at night with your money(invested) doing all the heavy/hard work for you. It’s generally like looking out for prospects who are already willing to commit to generate unlimited leads for their business or traffic and you been there to provide the systems/funnels to help them out will simply make you profit, very simple.

The Number 1 Lead Generation System With 100% Commission

The Power Lead System is the most demanded programme every start-up in this online business can start with as it provides you with an unlimited tools to generate a full time income for yourself using the done for you CAPTURE PAGES, a built-in AUTORESPONDER and a responsive support system you can count on any time you’re having issues. The beauty of this whole system is that it allows you to sign up for free(7-Day trial) to test out the whole system, how it works and more importantly how to earn an extra income with internet 24/7 after you’ve seen the benefits especially after you’ve upgraded your level in the system.

If you want to extra commission with this system what you would have to do is to upgrade on all the levels(Gold membership) as quick as possible as you start driving traffic to your already done for you capture pages that is the FREE LEADS SYSTEMS capture page. That’s all that you’ll have to do, there are no extra talking or marketing or explaining yourself to people to join the system because the system already has a strategic marketing planning with their built-in capture pages that leads and guides every referral step by step through the system easily.

Remember that for every lead you generate through this system that upgrades to the next level, you’ll get a 100% payment for your first sale and then($6-$20-$50-$100-$1000) payouts which is payable automatically to your preferred payment source(Bank account or PayPal) every Wednesday of the week.

Getting Paid More From The Power Leads System Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of the Power Leads System is one of the most power tool every newbie needs to generate a full time income with their powerful pay plan for a long term residual income online if that’s what you’re looking for. It uses a system of payment called the Accelerated leverage system which puts every referral that you bring into the system who refers other people in the system as a passive income. What this means is that for every referral that you bring into the system who joins initially as a free member and later upgrades as a paid member, all their even number referrals gets passed up to you whiles they keep their odd number referrals.

Essentially this means that for every referral you get they’ll have to bring in they’ll have to roll up 5 even numbers of their entire sales and they get to keep the odd numbers that fall within this roll ups. For example a referral gets(1,2,3,4,5,6) sales, their sales number(2,4,6) gets passed up or roll up to you and thus becoming part of your front-line as well as paying you residually as long as they stay with the system. This means that for every person that you bring into the Power Leads System, you’ll now be getting 5 extra referrals to your front-line from the effort of your referrals which is going to pay you a total of $120 each from your referrals who upgrades into the full membership.

The beautiful part of this system is that after a 5th roll up sale, you’ll get to keep 4 out of 5 sales that you make for a lifetime to your front-line which is going pay you a $20/month residually or passively as you stick to the system of the Power Leads. Also, for every single referral that reaches a $1000/month you’ll be making a matching bonus of 50% every month, how’s cool is that. All you have to do to get all these amazing benefits is to upgrade your level as quick a possible from the Free Leads System to the Power Leads System and then a Gold membership(recommended).

The remaining memberships can later follow after you’ve earned some reasonable commissions and now want the bigger checks from the Diamond membership etc.

The Main Aspect Of The System Which Is Beneficial For Building A Business

As we made it clear previously, aside from making money the Power Lead System is also a marketing system that can be used to build your home business as it will provide you with the valuable tools to better how to earn an extra income with internet providing you with the following below;

  • Unlimited Custom Lead Capture Pages
  • Built-In Email Autoresponder System
  • Professionally Written Email Campaigns
  • Step-by-Step Traffic and Lead Training
  • Affiliate Program & Viral Commissions
  • Online eWallet with Weekly Payout
  • Live Trainings, Community and More!

A Recap Explanation About The Power Lead Money Making System

1. Join Asap & Get Started For Minimum Of $2/Day

After joining through the FREE LEADS SYSTEM (for a 7-Day trial), it’ll now cost you at least $30/month after upgrading to

the PowerLeadSystem membership plus an additional(extra) $23.97/month for your affiliate eWallet. Giving us a total of

$53.97/month, which is less than a $1.80/day for this complete package to work fully.

2. Become a Member of the PLS System now and Start Referring for Profit

Once you’re all in and set-up to use the done-for-you marketing tools, you can benefit from this powerful system by sharing

the system with everyone you can possibly reach out. Knowing that the more your referrals the bigger your matching bonus grows to a 50%. Making sure to lock all your friends into the system and let them replicate the same as you did to secure faster your bonuses.

3. Getting Paid Residually From Your Front-Line

One thing you should bear in mind is that for every direct referral that you bring in, that’s a potential of $20/month residually

except for those pass-up/roll-up to your sponsor.

4. Sleep and Put Your Referrals To Work For You

This is where your income really takes of because once every referral that you bring into the system that starts to refer

others into the system, your income will start to grow virally. You’ll get pass-up of commissions(5 pass-up/referral) from each referral. Plus you’ll also get the pass-ups from everyone “passed-up” to your payline or front-line, up to when if any of your referral earns a $1000/month, you’ll be earning a 50% matching bonus from their effort.

Start Your Journey To Earn Financial Freedom From Today

Now it’s very clear that you’ve read on now know the benefits and most importantly how to earn an extra income with internet which is all possible through the Power Lead System that generates more leads/referrals plus unlimited income with the Accelerated Leverage System. At this point all that we can say to you is that there’s no harm in trying out this system as it’ll cost you zero dollar to get started to the free system and then upgraded for a full benefit of the system as we’ve listed the full potential of the system on this post.

Also you can start right away to upgrade for a full potential of the system if you seem capable of doing so and by clicking here, you choose to get started with the system now!


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  1. Hi my name is Sharon woods and I’m interested in the work from home I would love to hear back from you all and my number is 816)337-9409 thank you so much ♥️

    1. Hello Sheron make sure you follow up with the link we’ve provided on this page it’ll teach you everything easily on how to make money from home. You can check on other related posts to find more thank you.

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